The Issues

Kitchen table issues will be at the forefront of Kat's agenda and on Kat's mind as a City Councilwoman. She feels that to foster a sense of community and belonging on Smith Hill we must focus on the municipal level issues that make our neighbors take pride in where they live.

Kat has been actively addressing these issues, reporting potholes, dumped trash, and other safety and aesthetic issues to the city. She hopes the energy and attention to Smith Hill will allow neighbors and business owners to recommit to our community.

Affordable housing is one of Kat's priorities. She understands that Providence is gentrifying, and quickly. She is committed to making sure Smith Hill is affordable for young people, seniors, and marginalized communities. 

Kat will be a fierce advocate for the public schools, ensuring our teachers are compensated fairly, our buildings get the funding they deserve, and most importantly, every student gets the education they deserve no matter what.  

Supporting small businesses and ensuring Smith Hill is an attractive community for residents to open up small businesses is on the top of her mind. She will work to support mom and pop shops in navigating the often exclusive system of applying for loans, grants and tax incentives with the city. 

Kat, who supports the Community Safety Act (CSA), is particularly interested in the implementation of and research regarding the CSA. She remains concerned about the implementation of the resolutions and the continued disproportionate amount of arrests of people of color. Kerwin is committed to utilizing her dynamic grassroots organizing knowledge to build a comprehensive strategy for community safety that serves Providence effectively.